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Unique Moissanite Jewelry - Earrings to Eternity Rings

Unique Moissanite Jewelry - Earrings to Eternity Rings

At Rising Diamonds, we pride ourselves on offering the finest and most exquisite jewelry pieces, crafted to perfection to suit every occasion. Among our stunning collection of diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and other diamond jewelry, we are thrilled to introduce the brilliance and allure of moissanite jewelry. This exceptional gemstone is rapidly gaining popularity for its remarkable beauty, affordability, and sustainability. Join us as we explore the many reasons why moissanite jewelry is an excellent choice for your next piece of fine jewelry.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone that was first discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan, who found microscopic particles of the gem in a crater created by a meteorite. Today, moissanite is lab-created, ensuring a consistent supply of this dazzling gem. It is renowned for its exceptional fire, brilliance, and durability, making it a fantastic alternative to traditional diamonds.

The Benefits of Moissanite Jewelry:

  1. Brilliance and Fire

Moissanite is known for its incredible sparkle. In fact, it has a higher refractive index than diamonds, meaning it can reflect more light and create a dazzling display of brilliance and fire. This makes moissanite jewelry especially eye-catching and radiant.

  1. Durability

With a rating of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones available, second only to diamonds. This exceptional hardness makes moissanite jewelry highly resistant to scratches and perfect for everyday wear.

  1. Affordability

One of the most attractive features of moissanite jewelry is its affordability. Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds, allowing you to purchase larger or more intricate pieces without breaking the bank. This makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

  1. Ethical and Sustainable

Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone, ensuring that it is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. By choosing moissanite jewelry, you are supporting sustainable practices in the jewelry industry and making a socially responsible choice.

Our Moissanite Jewelry Collection

Moissanite Earrings

Our collection of moissanite earrings includes a variety of styles, from classic studs to elegant drop designs. Each pair is crafted to showcase the stunning sparkle and brilliance of moissanite, making them a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Moissanite Necklaces

Elevate your look with our exquisite moissanite necklaces. Whether you prefer a simple solitaire pendant or a more elaborate design, our necklaces are designed to complement any outfit and add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Moissanite Rings

Celebrate your love and commitment with our stunning moissanite rings. Ideal for engagements, weddings, or anniversaries, our rings are crafted with the utmost care and precision. Choose from a range of designs, including solitaire, halo, and vintage-inspired settings, all featuring the extraordinary brilliance of moissanite.

Moissanite Jewelry

In addition to earrings, necklaces, and rings, we offer a variety of moissanite jewelry, including bracelets and bangles. Each piece is designed to capture the timeless elegance and brilliance of moissanite, making them perfect for any special occasion.

Why Choose Rising Diamonds?

At Rising Diamonds, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality jewelry and exceptional customer service. Our expert jewelers are passionate about creating beautiful, high-quality pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime. When you choose Rising Diamonds, you are not only selecting stunning jewelry but also supporting sustainable and ethical practices in the jewelry industry.


Moissanite jewelry offers an exceptional combination of beauty, durability, affordability, and sustainability. At Rising Diamonds, we are proud to offer a stunning collection of moissanite earrings, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry that showcases the unique brilliance and fire of this remarkable gemstone. Discover the elegance and allure of moissanite jewelry with Rising Diamonds and find the perfect piece to complement your style and values.

Visit our website or stop by our store to explore our exquisite collection and learn more about the benefits of moissanite jewelry. Experience the brilliance and beauty of moissanite with Rising Diamonds today!

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