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Rising Diamond

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"Rising Diamond Promise"

How we’re distinct from others!

  • What is Lab Grown Diamond?

    Lab Grown Diamond, which are also referred as lab created diamond. Cultured or cultivated diamond. They consist of carbon atoms sturcture and have same physical, chemical and optical characteristics of a natural diamond produced by mother nature.

  • Difference Between Lab Grown Diamond and Diamond?

    Visually lab grown diamond and natural diamond are exactly same. Natural diamond has very tiny amount of nitrogen and lab grown diamond have no nitrogen.

  • What are CVD and HPTH in Lab Grown Diamond?

    These are 2 types of growing lab-grown diamonds. where a small seed of diamond is used in a chamber and then fill with gases and heat to grow the diamond, it has the same environmental condition as in the earth's crust.

  • Is Lab Grown Diamond available in Fancy Colors?

    Yes, Lab grown diamonds are available in fancy colors namely Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green. They are available in a natural grown form and treated or color enhanced form

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